ABALOBI* is an African-based social enterprise with global reach. Our mission is to contribute towards thriving, equitable and sustainable small-scale fishing communities in Africa and beyond, through the joint development of Technology For Good.

*ABALOBI is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 191-303) and status 18A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930063015)

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Our approach is focused on tangible milestones, driven by a suite of mobile apps, that relate to seafood traceability, fully documented fisheries, fair and transparent supply chains, and community cohesion and entrepreneurship as important precursors to launching longer-term ecological improvement actions associated with a transition towards ecological sustainability.

ABALOBI, meaning fisher in the isiXhosa language, is the name given to the app suite and programme by small-scale fisherfolk engaged in its co-development


  • Promoting stewardship

    Fishers encouraged to serve as custodians and promote sustainability. Allows opportunity for integration with conservation efforts.

  • Empowerment in the value chain

    Working towards community-supported fisheries and traceable slowfish. Empowerment through market information and collective action.

  • Co-operative fisheries governance

    Using a common knowledge base, based on fishers’ daily data, all stakeholders at the co-management table are poised equally.

  • Ecosystems approach to fisheries

    Decisions by fishers and other stakeholders can be based on ecological and social indicators.

  • Climate change adaptation

    Improved safety at sea and resilience building in the face of climate change.

  • Enabling tool for policy implementation

    Small-Scale Fisheries Policy (South Africa) and UN-FAO Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries (International)

  • Financial inclusion

    Transformative approaches to financial inclusion among marginalised societies.

Transdisciplinary research

Stakeholders work together in framing the problem and research needs, leading to the co-design of the tool based on input and tests in real-life contexts.

Co-design and fisher-driven process

Ensures data ownership and trust. Practical development and implementation within a bottom-up, participatory framework. Focus on product, process and enabling policy.

Designed for accessibility for small-scale fishers

Leveraging the latest tech. Sharing innovations globally.

Recognition of fishers’ knowledge

Bridging local knowledge with science and policy. Developing knowledge for co-management.

ICTs for Small-Scale Fisheries: The ABALOBI initiative is about catalysing real transformation, of knowledge generation, of people, of resource governance, of rethinking sustainability

Apps – Get started

The ABALOBI app suite comprises a series of inter-connected, co-designed apps that cover the full spectrum of stakeholders in the small-scale fisheries sector from fisher to marketplace, governance and beyond. Learn more …

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International reach

The ABALOBI programme is expanding internationally with local implementation partners across the globe. We welcome additional expressions of interest.


Aligned with the SDGs



  • Top 10: UNESCO-NETEXPLO Forum 2017
  • Development Award: SAB Foundation 2017
  • UNESCO-Pearson Case Study 2017/2018
  • Finalist: Apps Africa Awards 2016

Public Benefit

ABALOBI ICT4FISHERIES is a registered Status 18A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930063015). Donations made to the organisation are tax deductible in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act of the Republic of South Africa.

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