Our Team

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    Dr Serge Raemaekers (Co-founder)

    Managing Director

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    Nicolaas Waldeck (Co-founder)

    Community Engagement Director

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    Dr Jackie Sunde

    Gender & Learning Advisor

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    Chris Kastern

    Product & Traceability Manager

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    Stuart Du Plessis

    Community Engagement Co-Ordinator

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    Dr Caitlynne Francis

    Programme Manager

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    Daniel Smith

    Project & Logistics Co-ordinator

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    Matthew Richardson

    Operations Manager

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    Nick Calothi

    Fintech Co-ordinator

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    Robin George

    Project Officer

Vacancies will be advertised on the CAREERS page or via our social media channels.

Keen to volunteer?

Think you have skills that could contribute to the ABALOBI movement? Send us your CV! hello@abalobi.org