Getting started …

Are you a fisher wishing to register to use ABALOBI FISHER? Or a chef seeking to source storied seafood via ABALOBI MARKETPLACE? Please scroll to the appropriate section below…

For fishers …


Welcome! To register and get started, follow steps 1 – 5 below. Please note that ABALOBI FISHER is currently only available for Android devices.

Need assistance? If you experience any problems during registration or setup, please send an e-mail to with your name, cell phone number, and an explanation of the problem you are experiencing.

Register with ABALOBI

  1. Click on this link to register
  2. Click on Register to use Fisher Logbook
  3. Complete and submit the registration form
  4. You’ll receive an SMS (within 5 minutes) confirming that your registration was received
  5. You will receive a second SMS (within 48 hours) confirming your ABALOBI username. Please remember the password you entered during registration.

Note: If you registered as a Local Fisher Assistant, someone from the ABALOBI team will need to verify your application. It may then take up to 2 working days before you receive the second SMS.

For chefs & restaurants …


ABALOBI MARKERTPLACE is available for Apple and Android devices. Simply download the ABALOBI MARKTEPLACE app and follow the integrated instructions for registration …

Install and configure ABALOBI MARKETPLACE

  1. Install ABALOBI MARKETPLACE on your device from the Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Open the ABALOBI MARKETPLACE app on your device
  3. Follow the integrated instructions on the app to register or click on this link