Showcasing traditional recipes

Easter fish traditions hold great cultural importance for fishing communities across South Africa and elsewhere. This Easter, Chef Kerry Kilpin of Bistro Sixteen82 in Cape Town shares two recipes with us inspired by the traditions of small-scale fishers supplying her restaurant with Catch of the Day. These fishers challenged the Chef to showcase their traditions to highlight the socio-cultural aspects behind fish and artisanal fishing …

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*Kindly credit Chef Kerry Kilpin of Bistro Sixteen82 if using or distributing these recipes.

Smoked fish on a hot-cross bun bruschetta with jalapeño and apricot salsa{Click thumbnail for recipe}

Pickled fish tacos with a red onion, tomato and coriander salsa{Click thumbnail for recipe}

Who. Fishes. Matters.
{ Where does your fish come from? Was it caught responsibly using low-impact methods? Who caught it, and how? }
With #fromhooktocook you can scan a QR code to access the social and ecological story behind the fish on your plate …

“What if chefs, retailers, consumers like you and me could access ‘storied’ and traceable seafood, powered by modern but community-owned technology, that also produces the data we need for fisheries management and the rebuilding of our fisheries, on a solid foundation of deep local ecological knowledge and partnerships? This is the journey that we have embarked on, this is how fishers are empowering themselves and their communities.”Dr Serge Raemaekers, Co-Founder & MD: ABALOBI

Why ‘from hook to cook’?

We’ve taken an #ICT4Fisheries approach #fromhooktocook: for traceable, #storiedseafood by empowered #smallscalefishers … Five carefully co-designed apps piece together to form our #fromhooktocook system, which enables the processing and marketing of fish and other marine resources with an ecological & social ‘story’ in a manner that is fully traceable along the value chain.

The goal? Empowerment in the value chain and the development of fisher-community-based eco- & social-labelling. Our app suite allows fishers to supply local and global markets interested in sourcing seafood that is fair, credible and has a low environmental impact.

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Supported fisheries

With an integrated mobile payment platform and accounting functionality, the system has the potential to maximise inter-operability with a multitude of #fintech services and tools to facilitate accessible, transparent business development for small-scale fishers. A key value proposition is that this component allows fisher groups to valorise non-quota, less ‘mainstream’ species towards community- and restaurant-supported fisheries.

Keen to know more?

Download our brochure summarising the from hook to cook initiative or scroll down to access a video on the movement below …